Happy music
It was sheer pleasure watching my toddler dance and play music with my friends’ preschoolers. She especially loved the variety of instruments!
— Mother of 3-Year-Old Student

Preschool Music Fun

Cascade Piano Studio collaborates with preschool teachers to develop exciting classroom programs that engage young children in music awareness and learning. We also work with parents to design music classes for small private groups of preschoolers. 

All classes involve singing, moving to the beat, learning basic rhythms and naming notes - in short, having a whole lot of fun while making music. Concepts include high and low, loud and soft, long and short, slow and fast, sound and silence, basic note values, solfege hand symbols, types of musical instruments, finger numbers, keyboard layout, and the musical alphabet.

This fall Cacasde Piano Studio is excited to collaborate with Maple Leaf Preschool to offer an 8-week session for local students age 3-5. To enroll in that session or to schedule your own private preschool music class, please contact us at (206) 659-9251 or by email at cascadepianostudio@gmail.com.