Historical Instrument Museum Visit 2017


A total of twelve students from the studio had the opportunity this month to play the instruments at the Seattle Historical Instrument museum. Many thanks to Professor George Bozarth and Tamara Friedmann for opening their home and graciously introducing the students to the world of keyboards that came before the piano!


Six great music theory apps to check out!

Been looking for a good way to practice note reading and rhythms away from the piano? Check out these five apps:

1. Music Theory for Beginners ($3.99): Great for beginners, stepwise theory with clear instructions and cute cartoon animals.

2. Tenuto ($3.99): No games or cartoons, but endless theory exercises. Great for adults and intermediate level students working on reading and ear training.

3. Scale Blitzer ($1.49): Randomly draws from a list of assigned scales in a variety of tempos, rhythms, articulations, dynamics and prompts students for self-evaluation.

4. Read Rhythm ($2.00): Counting and tapping practice with feedback!

5 & 6. Flashnote Derby ($2.99) & NoteWorks ($4.99): Note recognition apps that appeal to young students. They use a game interface with cartoon animations to teach note reading.

Source: Michelle Mileke, NCTM Studio Technology Chair