Six great music theory apps to check out!

Been looking for a good way to practice note reading and rhythms away from the piano? Check out these five apps:

1. Music Theory for Beginners ($3.99): Great for beginners, stepwise theory with clear instructions and cute cartoon animals.

2. Tenuto ($3.99): No games or cartoons, but endless theory exercises. Great for adults and intermediate level students working on reading and ear training.

3. Scale Blitzer ($1.49): Randomly draws from a list of assigned scales in a variety of tempos, rhythms, articulations, dynamics and prompts students for self-evaluation.

4. Read Rhythm ($2.00): Counting and tapping practice with feedback!

5 & 6. Flashnote Derby ($2.99) & NoteWorks ($4.99): Note recognition apps that appeal to young students. They use a game interface with cartoon animations to teach note reading.

Source: Michelle Mileke, NCTM Studio Technology Chair