Five finger scales


Where do you teach?

Cascade Piano Studio is located in founder Laura Ouimette's home in the Bryant neighborhood of Seattle. A limited number of lessons are available on the Steinway grand piano at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Seattle's University District and through Puget Sounds Piano Studio in Issaquah.

For organ lessons we have access to several organs in the city, including Blessed Sacrament Parish and Messiah Lutheran Church. Schedules for organ lessons are subject to the organs' availability.

How young can one start piano lessons?

Ages six and seven are a great time to begin piano lessons as children at this stage have the ability both to learn many new skills quickly and apply those skills through practice. In our experience, some five-year-olds and even late four-year-olds may also be ready to begin lessons — it just depends on the individual. To determine a child's readiness, we offer a free trial lesson. 

How often should students practice?

We generally recommend that students practice the length of their lesson every day, with one day off a week. A student taking 30-minute lessons, for example, should practice 30 minutes a day, for hour-long lessons 60 minutes a day, and so on. It's often more productive to split these practice sessions into shorter sittings, such as 15 or 30 minutes before school or work, then another 15 or 30 minutes in the afternoon to reinforce the morning session. 

What is your make-up policy?

If you have to miss a class, we appreciate 48 hours notice so we can offer your spot to another student. Upon notice we add your name to the make-up list and offer you a spot as other cancellations come in. Cancellations without 48 hours notice are subject to the full lesson fee and may not qualify for a make-up lesson.

Will you come to my home?

Unfortunately, we're not set up to provide private lessons in our students' homes, but we actually don't recommend this. We have found that students are more focused and take their lessons more seriously when they're taught away from home.